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Dr Warren Buckland

PhD Film Studies (University of East Anglia, 1993)

Reader in Film Studies

School of Arts

Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment

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Warren Buckland is Reader in Film Studies in the School of Arts. He studied photography (Derby, 1987) before moving into film studies (Ph.D. Film Studies, University of East Anglia, 1993). He was awarded a British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Film Studies in 1994 (the first of its kind in film studies).

Film Theory; Independent American Cinema; Documentary Film; Dissertation Supervision (BA and MA); Research Methods (MA); Digital Humanities.


MA Dissertations on film theory, Hollywood cinema, digital humanities, film style

Supervised PhD theses on on Film Style, Film-Philosophy, Puzzle Films, Hollywood Cinema. 

Warren Buckland's areas of Research: (1) film theory; (2) narratology; (3) contemporary cinema (Hollywood blockbusters; puzzle films; new sincerity). Also concerned with: (4) digital humanities; (5) pedagogical research; (6) independent American cinema.

Research group membership

Film Studies Research Unit

Research grants and awards

Senior Research Fellow in Cinepoetics, Freie Universität Berlin (Autumn semester 2016)

Research projects

Currently editing a series of interviews with Christian Metz (Amsterdam University Press, 2017), and is writing a monograph on Wes Anderson (Bloomsbury, 2018).

Further information


  • Buckland W, Ed., Conversations with Christian Metz, Amsterdam University Press (2017)
    ISBN: 9789089648259
  • Buckland W, Ed., Hollywood Puzzle Films, Routledge (2014)
    ISBN: 9780415622455
    Abstract Website
  • Buckland W, Film Theory: Rational Reconstructions, Routledge (2012)
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  • Buckland W, Film Theory: Rational Reconstructions, Routledge (2012)
    ISBN: 9780415590983
  • Buckland W, Puzzle Films: Complex Storytelling in Contemporary Cinema, Wiley-Blackwell (2009)
    ISBN: 9781405168618
  • Buckland W, Ed., Film theory and contemporary hollywood movies, Routledge (2009)
    ISBN: 9780415962629

Journal articles

  • Buckland W, 'La Politique des Auteurs in British Film Studies: Traditional versus Structural Approaches'
    Mise au Point : Cahiers de l'Association Française des Enseignants et Chercheurs en Cinéma et Audiovisuel 8 (2016)
    ISSN: 2261-9623 eISSN: 2261-9623
  • Buckland W, 'The Film Critic Between Theory and Practice (Or: what every film critic needs to know)'
    Film Criticism 40 (1) (2016)
    ISSN: 0163-5069 eISSN: 0163-5069
  • Buckland W, 'Visual Rhetoric in Michel Gondry’s Music Videos: Antithesis and Similarity in Beck’s Deadweight'
    Empedocles: European Journal for the Philosophy of Communication 5 (1-2) (2015) pp.49-57(9)
    ISSN: 1757-1952 eISSN: 1757-1952
    Abstract Website
  • Buckland W, 'Bodies in Filmic Space: The Mise en Scène of ‘Courtship Readiness’ in The Big Sleep'
    Senses of Cinema March 2013 (66) (2013)
    ISSN: 1443-4059 eISSN: 1443-4059
  • Buckland W, 'Symptomatic reading in Althusser, Cahiers du cinéma, and Zizek'
    Jump Cut 55 (fall 2013) (2013)
    ISSN: 0146-5546 eISSN: 0146-5546
  • Buckland W, 'Wes Anderson: a ‘smart’ director of the new sincerity?'
    New Review of Film and Television Studies 10 (1) (2012) pp.1-5
    ISSN: 1740-0309 eISSN: 1740-0309
    Abstract Website
  • Buckland W, 'Solipsistic Film Criticism. Review of The Language and Style of Film Criticism'
    New Review of Film and Television Studies 10 (2) (2012) pp.288-298
    ISSN: 1740-0309 eISSN: 1740-0309
    Abstract Website
  • Buckland W, 'Film as a specific signifying practice: a rational reconstruction of Stephen Heath's 'On screen, in frame: Film and ideology''
    Semiotica 187 (41000) (2011) pp.49-81
    ISSN: 0037-1998 eISSN: 0037-1998
    Abstract Website

Book chapters


  • Buckland W, review of Mise en Scene and film style: from classical Hollywood to new media art, in New Review of Film and Television Studies 14 (2) (2016) pp.295-298
    ISSN: 1740-0309 eISSN: 1740-0309
  • Buckland W, review of What Does the Statistical Style Analysis of Film Involve? A Review of Moving Into Pictures. More on Film History, Style, and Analysis, in Literary and Linguistic Computing 23 (2) (2008) pp.219-230
    ISSN: 0268-1145 eISSN: 0268-1145

Other Publications (books)

(ed.) with Edward Branigan, The Routledge Encyclopedia of Film Theory (2014)

(ed.) Film Theory & Contemporary Hollywood Movies (2009)

(ed.), Puzzle Films: Complex Storytelling in Contemporary Cinema (2009); 

Directed by Steven Spielberg: Poetics of the Contemporary Hollywood Blockbuster (2006);

Studying Contemporary American Film: A Guide to Movie Analysis (2002) (with Thomas Elsaesser); 

The Cognitive Semiotics of Film (2000);

Film Studies: An Introduction (fifth edition, 2015); formerly Teach Yourself Film Studies;

(ed.) The Film Spectator: From Sign to Mind (1995).


Editor of the journal the New Review of Film and Television Studies (Routledge, 2003-2016) (editorial board member 2017-).

Member of the editorial board of the journal Signata: Annales des sémiotiques.

Member of the editorial boards of the following book series: Thinking Cinema (Continuum International Publishers) and The Hollywood Studio System (Routledge).

Reviewer of manuscripts and book proposals for Amsterdam University Press, Edinburgh University Press, Blackwell, The Open University Press, Wallflower Press, MIT Press, Palgrave Macmillan, Berghahn, Bloomsbury Academic, and Routledge.


Recent conferences:

Keynote: “Revisiting Videogame Logic: Impossible Storyworlds in the Contemporary Hollywood Blockbuster.”
Fast, Slow & Reverse. Faces of Contemporary Film Narration: Around Mainstream Cinema, Gdańsk, 24th–25th May 2017.

“The Impossible Storyworlds of Michel Gondry’s Music Videos.”
Watching Music Colloquium, Paris Philharmonic, December 2-3, 2016.

“Symbolic Meanings in Filmic Discourse: From Syntagm/Paradigm to Embodied Cognition (by way of Metaphor/Metonymy).”
Cinepoetics Workshop, Freie Universität Berlin, June 8-10, 2016.

“‘Practical Ways of Thinking’: Challenging the Film Theory/Film Practice Division.”
Film-Philosophy Conference, University of Oxford, July 20-22, 2015.

“The Dissociation of Body and Voice in The Trial (1963) and Inland Empire (2006).”
Listening Cinematically Conference, Royal Holloway, University of London, 25-26 June, 2015.

“The Craft of Independent Filmmaking.”
Independent States Conference, Institute for Creative Enterprise, Edge Hill University, 4-5 September 2014.

Keynote: “Source Code’s Videogame Logic.”
Film, Virtuality, and the Body conference at Rome 3 University, 26-28 November 2013.

Keynote: “Cognitive Semiotics Revisited.”
Opening address at the International Congress of the Colombian Association for Semiotic Studies, Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, Bogota, Colombia September 16, 2013.