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Mr Jeni Burnell

Research Assistant

School of Architecture

Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment

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Jeni Burnell trained as an architect before pursuing a career in graphic design, community arts and architecture. She is cofounder and director of the Oxford architectural practice, Space Program Ltd, and a part-time Research Associate with the Centre for Development and Emergency Practice (CENDEP). Jeni’s research applies the Small Change Approach, as developed by Emeritus Professor Nabeel Hamdi, to community arts by exploring how creative practice can bring about positive change in community development contexts.

Journal articles

  • Burnell J, Hamdi N, 'Small change: the making of Stirchley Park'
    Community Development Journal 49 (1) (2014) pp.159-166
    ISSN: 0010-3802 eISSN: 0010-3802
    Abstract Website
  • Burnell J, 'Small Change: Understanding Cultural Action As a Resource for Unlocking Assets and Building Resilience in Communities'
    Community Development Journal 48 (2013) pp.134-150
    ISSN: 0010-3802 eISSN: 0010-3802
    Abstract Website
  • Burnell J, Sanderson D, 'Whose reality counts? Shelter after disaster'
    Environmental Hazards 10 (3-4) (2011) pp.189-192
    ISSN: 1747-7891 eISSN: 1747-7891
    Abstract Website