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Mr Jon Dempsey

Senior Lecturer and Subject Coordinator Digital Media

School of Arts

Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment

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Jon Dempsey is a Senior Lecturer and Subject Coordinator for Media Technology and Digital Media courses and freelance film professional, specializing in digital film cinematography and its interaction with computer generated imagery and post-production systems

Modules taught

  • Visual Effects and Compositing
  • Image Technology
  • Digital Cinematography 2
  • Digital Cinematography 3
  • Independent Studies (Screenwriting)


Recent examples of postgraduate supervision include.

  • Life and Death on Film: The Cinematic Expression of Childhood Trauma.
  • Personal and Political Filmmaking: The Use of Video Diaries to Confront the Uncomfortable Truth.
  • The Use of 360 Degree Filming in Documentary: Unedited Life in a Syrian Refugee Camp.



His particular area of interest is in the Uncanny and the Fantastique and it's use within visual storytelling; in particular within augmented and virtual reality.


Research projects

  • The Moment Between Seeing and Knowing: Creating Suspense, Fear and Suprise in Virtual Reality.
  • Seventy: Stories, Film, Identity, Heritage; Collecting Anglo Indian memories from those who lived through independence 70 years on.
  • Experience capturing and re-enactment for knowledge intensive training systems with wearable technologies and augmented reality.

Areas of expertise

  • Cinematography (Digital and Film)
  • Image Technology
  • Post Production (Visial Effects)
  • Post Production (Editing)

Membership of professional bodies

 AVID Certified Professional and AVID Certified Professional Instructor (ACI)

Other experience

Jon Dempsey has spent many years working as a film and television professional, originally a 35mm film cinematographer and then moving first into visual effects cinematography and more recently technical direction for visual effects. He has worked for broadcast TV, feature films, music videos and computer games.

Alongside his work at Brookes he still acts as a consultant for the industry in the area of visual effects cinematography and since 2014 has been an Avid Certified Instructor to professional level running industry training courses for professional film and TV editors in the Avid Media Composer software.

Further information

  1. Cannes Film Festival, Official Competition (Palme D’or nominee, Winner of JuryPrize) - FRANCE
  2. Brooklyn Film Festival - NEW YORK, USA
  3. CFC Toronto Worldwide Shorts Film Festival - CANADA
  4. Edinburgh International Film Festival, (Winner of Best British Short Film) - UK
  5. Expresion en Corto International Film Festival, Mexico - MEXICO
  6. Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival - BRAZIL
  7. Tinklai Film Festival, Lithuania
  8. Athens International Film Festival - GREECE
  9. Calgary International Film Festival - CANADA
  10. Warsaw International Film Festival - POLAND
  11. Cinessonne, European Film Festival, France - FRANCE
  12. Curto Circuito, Santiago de Compostela - SPAIN
  13. Ismaila Film Festival, Egypt - EGYPT
  14. Imagine Science, NYC, USA
  15. London Film Festival - UK- (People Are Strange at the NFT)
  16. St John's International Film Festival - CANADA
  17. Alcine, Madrid - SPAIN
  18. Rehoboth Festival - USA
  19. Stockholm International Film Festival - SWEDEN
  20. Bristol Brief Encounters - UK
  21. Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival- TAIWAN