Staff Profiles

Dr Sara Hannam

Head of Global Partnerships, Oxford Brookes Global

School of Education

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Sara Hannam p0076465

Phone number: +44 (0) 7436534380


Location: Currently working from home due to COVID19

Dr Sara Hannam is the Head of Global Partnerships (Brookes Global) which is a university wide role.

I hold the strategic and operational portfolio for transnational education (TNE), mobility and exchanges, advanced credit entry (progression via global partnerships) and study abroad. Leading a team including members from Brookes Global and all four faculties at Oxford Brookes, I work closely with Associate Deans for Strategy and Development to find, set up and maintain a portfolio of global partners with whom we deliver awards across the world, including China, Greece, Sri Lanka, Germany, Switzerland, Kenya (to name but a few). This includes lead generation, due diligence, assessing strategic fit, financial and legal negotiation, chairing groups for curriculum, pedagogy and programme development across multi-disciplinary areas, preparation for validation and overseeing the ongoing relationship and quality management of this partner provision. I also chair and sit on a wide range of other validation and periodic review panels at Oxford Brookes, along with chairing various university level steering groups to coordinate our global partnership network. I am a standing member of the Learning Partnerships Advisory Group, the Recruitment and Admissions Group and the Institutional International Partnership Oversight Group.

Oxford Brookes University is committed to our widening participation agenda and provides opportunities for students across the globe to study for an Oxford Brookes degree through our network of global teaching partners. The University has a long-standing partnership with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) which allows students with professional qualifications to obtain their degree in a wide range of geographical locations. The University has student mobility exchange agreements with over 100 institutions (please see here for further details).

I am also involved in a wide range of inclusivity work at Oxford Brookes University and sit on the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Group and the Inclusive Curriculum Enhancement Group with a specialised interest in internationalisation, the international student experience and the embedding of transnational education in curriculum and pedagogy. I have most recently led on a COVID-19 related project looking at the specific needs of all vulnerable students (including international) which led to some bespoke training for Academic Advisors at Oxford Brookes via the Oxford Centre for Staff Learning and Development. I am currently working with Dr Roger Dalrymple, Associate Dean for Student Outcomes, on a research project related to Academic Advisors’ awareness of changing vulnerability in the student community during COVID19.