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Dr Christos Vidalakis

School of the Built Environment

Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment

Christos Vidalakis

Journal articles

  • Abanda FH, Vidalakis C, Oti AH, Tah JHM, 'A critical analysis of Building Information Modelling systems used in construction projects'
    Advances in Engineering Software 90 (December 2015) (2015) pp.183-201
    ISSN: 0965-9978 eISSN: 0965-9978
    Abstract Website
  • Vidalakis C, Sommerville J, 'Transportation responsiveness and efficiency within the building supply chain'
    Building Research and Information 41 (4) (2013) pp.469-481
    ISSN: 0961-3218 eISSN: 0961-3218
    Abstract Website
  • Vidalakis C, Tookey JE, Sommerville J, 'Demand uncertainty in construction in construction supply chains: a discrete event simulation study'
    Journal of the Operational Research Society - (-) (2013) pp.1-11
    ISSN: 0160-5682 eISSN: 0160-5682
    Abstract Website
  • Vidalakis C, Sun M, Papa A, 'The quality and value of higher education facilities: a comparative study'
    Facilities 31 (11/12) (2012) pp.--
    ISSN: 0263-2772 eISSN: 0263-2772
  • Vidalakis C, Tookey J, Sommerville J, 'The logistics of construction supply chains: the builders' merchant perspective'
    Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management 18 (1) (2011) pp.66-81
    ISSN: 0969-9988 eISSN: 0969-9988
    Abstract Website
  • Vidalakis C, Tookey J, Sommerville J, 'Logistics simulation modelling across construction supply chains'
    Construction Innovation: Information, Process, Management 11 (2) (2011) pp.212-228
    ISSN: 1471-4175 eISSN: 1471-4175
    Abstract Website
  • Vidalakis C, Tookey JE, Sun M, 'Comparison and Contrast of Construction Supply Chains-The Logisitics Approach'
    RICS COBRA 2008 (2008)
    ISSN: eISSN:

Conference papers

  • Ibrahim KF, Abanda FH, Vidalakis C, Woods G, 'BIM for FM: Input versus Output data'

  • Moutsopoulou A, Vidalakis C, Hytiris N, 'The role of management in preventing construction accidents: A systemic analysis'
    (2008) pp.432-437
    ISBN: 9789602546772
  • Vidalakis C, Tookey JE, 'Conceptual functions of a simulation model for construction logistics'
    Joint International Conference on Computing and Decision Making in Civil and Building Engineering 44 (2006)

  • Vidalakis C, Tookey JE, 'The involvement of builders' merchants in the development of improved construction logistics'
    Proceedings of the 2nd Scottish Conference for Postgraduate Researchers of the Built and Natural Environment (PRoBE) (2005)
    ISBN: 9781903661826
    Abstract Website