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Anthony Spio

PhD: Development of entrepreneurial competencies by women entrepreneurs in Ghana

Business and Management

Oxford Brookes Business School

Anthony Spio 17020170

Mode of StudyFull-Time
SupervisorsSola Adesola, Simon Adderley
Research AbstractThe study seeks to explore the competency development process of women entrepreneurs in their pursuit of entrepreneurial opportunities in the manufacturing sector in Ghana. Lack of access to capital and deficiency in entrepreneurial and managerial competencies have also been found to be impediments to the progress of female entrepreneurs in Ghana. Fortunately, researchers have established that individuals can develop new competencies, and both enhance, and transform existing ones. However, initiatives aimed at entrepreneurship education and competency development require guidance from theoretical and empirical wok. A review of the entrepreneurship literature so far has shown that there is a gap in knowledge regarding how women entrepreneurs develop competencies during the new venture creation and growth process. Insights into such as a phenomenon will not only expand the knowledge in entrepreneurship but also inform policy.  This study, therefore, seeks to fill the gap identified in the literature by exploring women entrepreneurs’ competency development process in pursuit of entrepreneurial opportunities in the manufacturing sector in Ghana.

The choice of women and manufacturing is significant because of the importance Ghana is placing on entrepreneurship-led economic development with priority on manufacturing and women empowerment. In-depth semi-structured interviews and observation (shadowing) will be the main methods of collecting data. 

Findings from the study should contribute to theoretical knowledge by refining the existing competency development framework as well as inform educators and policymakers to effectively address the needs of women entrepreneurs.