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Cara Law


Faculty of Health and Life Sciences


Cara graduated from Oxford Brookes University in 2016 with a BSc in Psychology with Honours.  As part of her bachelor's degree, Cara conducted a qualitative investigation into the experience and presentation of Developmental Coordination Disorder in young adults.

In September 2016, funded by a Nigel Groome studentship, Cara began her PhD at Oxford Brookes continuing her research on Developmental Coordination Disorder within adults.

Cara currently assists with teaching practical sessions for 'Introduction to research methods and statistics for Psychology' (U24111).  Cara also leads small group tutorials for 'Foundations of Developmental Psychology (U24104) and 'Foundations of Cognitive Psychology' (U24101).

Cara delivers psychology workshops to prospective students and is a member of the Psychology Peer Mentoring scheme for new students.

Supervisors: Professor Anna Barnett (Director of Studies); Dr Nichola Stuart (Second Supervisor)

Competence in motor skill and good movement coordination are important.  Some people have difficulties with motor skill which may lead to problems with activities of daily living, and may hinder academic achievement and employment.  There is a need to understand these difficulties, and their impact, as well as a need for appropriate tools to assist diagnosis.

Cara's research interests broadly lie in understanding Developmental Coordination Disorder in adulthood and the development of reliable and valid tests for the assessment of motor skill.

Journal articles

  • Davies EL, Law C, Hennelly SE, '"You have to be prepared to drink" : students’ views about reducing excessive alcohol consumption at university'
    Health Education 118 (1) (2017) pp.2-16
    ISSN: 0965-4283 eISSN: 0965-4283
    Abstract Website
  • Davies EL, Law C, Hennelly SE, Winstock AR, 'Acceptability of targeting social embarrassment in a digital intervention to reduce student alcohol consumption: A qualitative think aloud study.'
    Digital Health 3 (2017)
    ISSN: 2055-2076 eISSN: 2055-2076
    Abstract Website

Cara has worked as a Research Assistant for a number of staff within the department, as well as conducting collaborative research with Cardiff University on the qualities of good academic feedback (funded by a HEA award).