Staff Profiles

Dr Alfred Veldhuis

BSc. MSc. PhD.

Lecturer Public Health

Department of Psychology, Social Work and Public Health

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences


Alfred completed his BSc in cognitive psychology in 2009 from the University of Utrecht, including an exchange program with Kyoto University in 2006-2007. Alfred then successfully applied to the prestigious master program of neuroscience and cognition of University Utrecht and received his MSc in 2012. Alfred started his PhD in 2014, funded by the Nigel Groome/ Oxford Brookes University studentship, which he successfully completed in 2019.

During his PhD, Alfred started work as a psychology demonstrator where he taught on a variety of courses of psychology but mainly practicals/workshops on statistics and neurophysiological measures. Since completing his PhD, Alfred has started working as a postdoctoral RA on a project investigating the sensory and cognitive processes of individuals suffering from ME/CFS. Most recently Alfred has started his role as a lecturer in Public Health.