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Mr Alfred Veldhuis

BSc. MSc.

PhD Student


Faculty of Health and Life Sciences


Alfred completed his BSc in cognitive psychology in 2009 from the University of Utrecht, including an exchange program with Kyoto University in 2006-2007. Alfred then successfully applied to the prestigious master program of neuroscience and cognition of University Utrecht and received his MSc in 2012. After working as an advisor in developing new teaching programs for Dutch engineers and mechanics, Alfred started his PhD in September 2014, funded by the Nigel Groome/ Oxford Brookes University studentship.

Alfred assists on the Research Methods and Statistics for Psychology module and is involved in several first year psychology undergraduates’ tutorials such as: cognitive psychology and EEG methods.


Alfred is supervised by: Dr Micheal Pilling (director of studies), Dr Sanjay Kumer, & Dr Clare Rathbone

The main research interests of Alfred are: information prioritization, self, emotion, memory and attention

Alfred’s PhD focusses on self-relevant and emotion processes and how these influence the prioritization of information and the later recall of that information.  Alfred is especially interested the underlying neurological processes, and uses electroencephalogram (EEG) and transcranial magnetic stimulation techniques (TMS) to help identify the brain areas/networks involved in self-referential processing.

Research grants and awards

Nigel Groome/ Oxford Brookes University studentship

Areas of expertise

Cognitive neuroscience, focusing on attention and memory using electroencephalogram and transcranial magnetic stimulation techniques.