Staff Profiles

Professor Guida de Abreu

Professor of Cultural Psychology

Department of Psychology, Health and Professional Development

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences


Phone number: 018653773


Location: Headington Campus, SNC 4.03

Guida de Abreu is a Professor in Cultural Psychology. Her research focuses on learning and participation in sociocultural contexts as processes that involve the re-construction of self and identities.   Her research has been responsive to changes in society, and to the challenges that migration and globalisation pose to the understanding of learning and identity development and cover three main topics.  One topic focuses on culture and mathematical cognition, in particular on the relationships between home and school mathematical learning. A second topic focuses on experiences and representations of children and young people´s identity development and learning in contexts of socio-cultural diversity, cultural transitions (such as immigration), and socio-cultural changes, including the perspectives of parents and teachers. A third topic focuses on the impact of immigration on cultural identity development of adults.

Guida is interested in multi/ interdisciplinary research with real world impact. This is reflected in her current major research activities as a UK partner in the European Commission Horizon 2020 project New ABC - Networking the educational world: Across boundaries for community-building  and in her role as a steering committee member of the “Migration and Refugee Research Network”, newly established cross Faculty interdisciplinary research network at OBU.