Staff Profiles

Professor Munira Kadhim

Professor in Radiation Biology

Department of Biological and Medical Sciences

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences


Munira's research background is in the effects of damaging agents such as chemicals and radiation on cells and tissues. She gained her first degree in Biology from Baghdad University and her PhD in Genetics from Swansea University.

Before coming to Oxford Brookes University, she worked as a post-doc at Swansea University; the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford then moved to the Medical Research Council, Harwell where she became a research group leader for Genomic Instability (GI). Currently her research at Brookes is focused on the damaging effects of radiation on mammalian cells. 

Munira's research into the 'non-targeted effects' of radiation including GI and Bystander Effects (BE) has had extensive conceptual impact leading to reconsideration of the recommended dose limits permissible in both clinical and environmental contexts. Her research has beenreferenced by major international bodies such as UNSCEAR (United Nations) and has led to her advisory role to UK Government Departments through the Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation (COMARE).

Her contribution to the 2013 report to the Department of Health (in pre-submission review) has already impacted health risk assessment and clinical radiotherapy through its recommendations for new lower thresholds of dose levels to protect patient health, for example by contributing to changes in the clinical practice guidelines on low-dose radiation usage, for example CT scans.