Staff Profiles

Mr Vaughan Carter

Honorary Knowledge Exchange Associate

School of Law

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

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Vaughan has made the Caribbean his home since 1997.  During this time, he has worked in a number of capacities in the Cayman Islands and, in the course of this work, has been fortunate to visit and gain experience in many of the other small jurisdictions across the region.  Vaughan is still located primarily in the Cayman Islands, although with a base in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, he is well-placed to access the entire region.

Originally a legal academic specializing in public law, it was these skills that first brought Vaughan to the Caribbean and the Cayman Islands Law School, where he lectured for almost a decade.  Alongside his teaching, Vaughan’s research quickly became orientated towards the Caribbean and, for the most part, his publications and presentations have tended to pursue human rights themes in a Caymanian and broader Caribbean context ever since.  Subsequently, Vaughan moved from academia into public service and as a senior civil servant in the Ministry of Education, Training, Youth, Sports and Culture, Vaughan served the Cayman Islands Government for the following seven years, during which time he represented the Cayman Islands at various international fora throughout the Caribbean and beyond.  Upon leaving public service, Vaughan then transitioned into the private sector and having established Juris Consulting with a view to utilizing his legal expertise and administrative experience to support legislative initiatives and their effective implementation in small jurisdictions, Vaughan is also developing a legal practice specializing in public law.

At the same time, Vaughan continues to maintain his academic credentials.  In 2012, Vaughan was a Visiting Professor in the School of Law of the University of Alabama and he has also been invited to deliver lectures for other American Universities, including the University of Illinois and De Paul University.  Vaughan’s main research interests include Commonwealth Caribbean constitutional law and, in particular, the new Constitutions of the United Kingdom Overseas Territories in the region; and the developing jurisdiction and jurisprudence of the Caribbean Court of Justice, specifically where issues involving constitutional principles and free trade law intersect.