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Mr Sebastiaan Raymaekers


PhD: How do Ethical People Management Practices compare to the reality of the Hospitality industry?

The Oxford School of Hospitality Management

Oxford Brookes Business School

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Mode of StudyFull-Time
SupervisorsDr. Rebecca Hawkins, Dr. Louisa Lapworth
Research Abstract

In recent years applying classic human resource management to volunteers has become a focal point of research. The mixed results on the efficiency of classical HRM for volunteers has proposed that volunteer resource management (VRM) needs to adapt and complement classical HRM (Studer, 2016). The volunteer force, which is characterized by specific features, has high turnover and low retention rates, which this project is proposing to overcome through organizational socialization (OS). This process of socialization is the process through which newcomers integrate into an existing body of “workers” and learn about the job, organizational values, required skills, and hierarchy and power relations on the work floor (Feldman, 1981, p. 3). The outcomes of OS have been identified to include retention, improved morale, lower turnover, improved skills and better service quality (Cooper-Thomas and Anderson, 2006), which can overcome the low volunteer retention rates. This project aims to explore the interaction of volunteer motivation and learning means, as identified in OS.