Staff Profiles

Dr Caroline Griffiths


Programme Lead: Biomedical and Biological Sciences

Department of Biological and Medical Sciences

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Griffiths C1

Phone number: +44 (0)1865 484160


Location: Headington Campus

The Biomedical and Biological Sciences Programme offers a suite of 4 high-quality, research-led science degrees (BSc Honours) that complement each other in their focus on human health, disease and healthcare.  The degrees provide excellent learning, training and development oportunities for students. Graduates reach high academic and personal achievement goals, show strong competitiveness in the job market and reflect robust student satisfaction. 

My role encompasses the management and continued development of the programme.  I work with a strong team of lecturers who are keen to enthuse our students about the fundamentals of science and about what interests them in their research areas.  I also aim link our curriculum and our students with the outlook from key stakeholders, including future employers (such as Brookes and other universities, the NHS, and healthcare / pharmaceutical industries), and relevant policy-making and professional bodies (such as the HEA, QAA, IBMS, etc). 

I like to keep good contact with the students, and I am involved in teaching at all levels, including lecturing, practicals, tutorials, personal tutoriong and, as a major teaching role I co-ordinate and support research projects and work placements.