Staff Profiles

Mr Nour N. Ibrahim

MA in Cultural Anthropology

PhD: Mastering the tightrope: how new Turkish entrepreneurs in the Netherlands construct their identity

Business and Management

Oxford Brookes Business School

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Mode of StudyFull-Time
SupervisorsProf. Juliette Koning, Prof. Levent Altinay
Research Abstract

Second and third generation ethnic entrepreneurs form an understudied group. Focusing on the case of Turkish entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, my projects explores to what extent ethnicity is still a factor for these younger generations. The project is based on six months of ethnographic fieldwork consisting of semi-structured interviews and structured observations. My thesis explores how ethnicity is largely absent from most management practices but still relevant in some areas, particularly employee recruitment. The project also discusses how the ethnicity is not a static presence for the businesses in question. Rather, its impact on business practice varies throughout time. In part this is due to political circumstances, my project will delve into this factor and show how we need to consider the political climate more when discussing (ethnic) entrepreneurship.