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Thanasis G Tektonidis

PhD Nutritional Epidemiology | MSc (Dist) Nutrition | BSc Nutrition & Dietetics

Associate Researcher

Department of Sport and Health Sciences

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Thanasis Tektonidis

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Location: Centre for Movement, Occupational, and Rehabilitation Sciences (MOReS), SINCLAIR, SNC.G.03.14 Gipsy Lane Campus. Headington

  • Currently working on the European CENTER-TBI project of >60 centres and >20 countries worldwide to support post-acute rehabilitation treatment after brain injury and explore its relationship with physical outcomes. PI: Prof H. Dawes


  • Also working with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Register on nutritional data to explore nutritional intake of people with MS and compare against U.K. nutritional guidelines. PI: Dr. S. Coe


  • In this group, I have also completed my research project about adulthood diet quality and gait performance in later life as an indicator of functioning status while ageing, using longitudinal data from the National Survey of Health and Development (NSHD) / Insight-46, the longest running birth-cohort in the UK, going back in 1946-ongoing, with a population over 5,000 participants. This project was supervised by Dr. Patrick Esser, Dr. Shelly Coe and Dr. Hooshang Izadi.