Andrea Rathbone

  • Andrea Rathbone PhD Research Student, Faculty of Business and Associate Partner College Lecturer at Solihull College.

    Andrea teaches various business modules on the Oxford Brookes degree programme delivered at Solihull College. She is in the third year of her part-time PhD research. Andrea completed her MA in Human Resource Management at De Montfort University in 2008 having  previously graduated with a first class honours Degree in Business at Coventry University. 

    Andrea has 28 years manufacturing experience ranging from assembly work to designing and delivering   a variety of training programmes including areas such as: Dignity at work, culture change and Management development.

    Her main research interest is careers, and her PhD research project looks at manual older workers “Extending working lives: The reality”. Her supervisory team includes Doctor Karen Handley and Professor Simonetta Manfredi.  Andrea has attended a variety of conferences and recently attended the centres Age Symposium organised by the Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice. She found the Symposium a fantastic opportunity to network with leading academics and practitioners within the field of older workers and extending working lives. This has resulted in Andrea being able to secure permission to case research a local organisation, which is now underway.