Barbara Brown

  • Barbara is new to PhD research, having joined the team in September of 2014, following many years of strategic management within the field of Equality and Diversity.  Barbara graduated from the University of Bristol with Honours in 1999, having worked as a legal advisor for 10 years prior to this.  

    Having worked in the voluntary, private and public sector, Barbara has gained considerable experience in strategy development, as well as establishing foundational and cultural organisational change across sectors with regard to the work of and approach to equality. Having worked within the Fire Service for over a decade, Barbara’s work experience extended to the shaping and development of national policy and good practice frameworks with regard to equality legislation and diversity practice within the British Fire Service achieved Ministerial commendation for lead Equality and Diversity work locally. Supporting the implementation of good practice Barbara has also worked with organisations to embed equality (governance, employment and service delivery) in Europe, the US and British Columbia. 

    Barbara has a strong foundation in working with hierarchical cultures, and implementing strategic intention and planning in terms of addressing matters of under-representation of women and people from Black and Ethnic Minority backgrounds in particular. She also consults on strategic pathway regarding equalities, is a coach and trainer (equalities and management development). She has delivered seminars at University of Bristol (Social Sciences Department), training to Bath Spa University and support to Wiltshire College in the development of their equality strategy, management board training and preparation for Ofsted.

    Her main interest is gender, leadership and power.  The PhD research itself is shaping up to explore ‘Are women given the space to lead? And what relationships are built and sustained to allow women to lead?’  Exploration of socio-political historical structures, the cultural heritage and patriarchal environments within which women operate as well as lead, provide a stimulating and exciting body of work in which to examine the questions posed. Barbara’s Supervisory team include Prof Simonetta Manfredi, Dr Louise Grisoni and Dr Ivan Mitchell.