Kate Clayton Hathway

  • PhD Researcher, School of Law and Research Assistant in the Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice

    Kate has been the Centre’s Research Assistant since May 2012 and has a long-standing interest in equalities issues. She has experience as an equality and diversity consultant and trainer, conducting equality impact assessments, as well as designing and delivering equalities workshops and ‘dignity at work’ programmes, for a range of public sector clients.

    Her main research interest is gender, and working on her PhD, a socio-legal study: “Paying ‘due regard’? The impact of the Public Sector Equality Duty on service provision for single mothers”. Fieldwork was completed in 2015 and conducted in east Bristol, comprising a qualitative study to identify how local authority services impact the everyday lives of individuals, and in turn how equalities legislation influences service provision. Her supervisory team are Professor Tina Miller, Professor Lucy Vickers and Professor Simonetta Manfredi.

    Working for the Centre has allowed Kate to organise and participate in a number of activities relating to her research. This includes organising a practitioner round-table, exploring ways the Equality Duty works day-to-day; and working as part of a research team studying how the Duty affects careers in Higher Education. She has also contributed to blogs on the existing evidence to support the Duty [ http://ohrh.law.ox.ac.uk/plenty-of-evidence-to-support-the-public-sector-equality-duty/] and the need to work with service users and public authorities to assess its real impact [ http://ohrh.law.ox.ac.uk/the-need-for-hard-evidence-of-public-sector-equality-duty-outcomes/].

    She is in the fifth year of her part-time PhD having enrolled in early 2013, and combines her research with her role in the Centre. Kate completed her MA Equality and Diversity with distinction at London Metropolitan University in 2009 having previously graduated with first-class honours BA in Social Change from Oxford Brookes in 2003.

    Prior to her degree studies, Kate worked in the financial sector for 20 years, latterly in change management roles. More recently, she taught with the Open University, drawing on both her business background and later studies, to teach courses on management studies and the socio-economic context surrounding personal finance.


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