Louise Grisoni

  • Internal Associate

    Dr Louise Grisoni is Senior Research Fellow in the Faculty of Business.

    In her previous role as the Associate Dean for research and Knowledge Exchange, Louise had overall responsibility for developing and implementing the Faculty strategy for research and knowledge exchange. She led the Faculty submission for the REF 2014 which resulted in significantly improved results. REF 2014 saw the first inclusion of Impact cases, one of these was drawn from the work of the Centre.

    Louise’s research interests are in the field of organisation studies with a particular focus on creative research methods, specifically working with poetry to inquire into organisational meaning and sense making. Her work on work-life balance involves creating and inquiring into group and individual poems for reflexive insight and understanding. In relation to gender leadership and diversity, in collaboration with other members of the Centre, she has worked on funded projects from LFHE, ECU, HEFCE and KPMG investigating women's careers in Higher Education.

    Recent Publications:

    Grisoni, L and Broussine, M. (2014) Chapter 8. Emotionally charged research – engaging with the politics of action research. In, C. Clarke. M.Broussine and L.Watts. Researching with Feeling. Routledge: London

    Page, M., Grisoni, L. and Turner, A. (2014) Dreaming fairness and re-imagining equality and diversity through participative arts-based action inquiry. Management Learning. Vol 45 no5 pp577-592

    Manfredi, S., Grisoni, L., Handley, K., Nestor, R., and Cooke, F. (2014) Research and Development Series. Gender and Higher Education Leadership: Researching the careers of top management programme alumni. LFHE series 4: publication 1. ISBN 978-1-906627-65-2 http://www.ecu.ac.uk/guidance-resources/employment-and-careers/development-progression/women/

    Her full staff profile is available here.