Priscila Pereira

  • Internal Associate

    Priscila Pereira is Associate Lecturer in the Faculty of Business and an Independent Human Capital Consultant

    Priscila’s research interests link well-being, human optimisation and gender equality in the fascinating debate of work-life balance. She wrote a PhD thesis which provided scrutiny on how male professionals feel, behave and think about Work-life Balance (WLB). Her study adopted a critical realist approach from 40 semi-structured interviews aimed at closing the gap between the body of knowledge concerning WLB for men and women. Her PhD findings provided insights on how male professionals may often experience regret as a consequence of being deeply conditioned to prioritising paid work over their families. Furthermore, the meaning of WLB for men is more likely to be about work-life performance, rather than balance.

    Priscila is also a HRM practitioner with extensive experience amongst global corporate settings, matrix and multidisciplinary teams. She applies expertise as a Researcher and CIPD Fellow to actively promote thought leadership concepts, with a focus on taking individual’s performance to the next level.