Dr Sonia Ruiz Garcia

  • Sonia Ruiz García, Ph.D., was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice from September 2014 to September 2015 and is now a Visiting Fellow. Currently she is the director of the gender mainstreaming strategy in the Barcelona City Council.

    She graduated in Political Science and Administration and completed her MA on Political Science Advanced Studies at the Autonomous University in Barcelona (Spain). She has also worked as a policy officer in the European Women’s Lobby in Brussels and as a political adviser in Spanish Ministers’ Cabinets. As part of the civil servant corps of the Government of the province of Barcelona, Sonia served in a range of positions, including as director of the equality plan.

    Sonia has a wide background in teaching university and practitioners’ courses. Her PhD thesis (2013) analyses the concept of work in the women’s and feminist movement in Spain and has been awarded with the biannual Maria Angeles Duran second prize to the Scientific Innovation in the field of Spanish Women’s and Gender Studies (2014). She is the author of a number of articles and publications. Her research focuses on feminism and equality, public policy, social movements and labour issues. Recently she has been researching the feminist impacts of the systemic crisis and on the intersectional approach of current social mobilisations in Spain. Sonia’s research interests also lie in collaborative economics, class and gender intersections, work & life balance, as well as domestic and political work.

    Sonia has been active in several feminist and community organisations and is always keen on participating in social change activism. She has a daughter, Vera.


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