Sue Ledwith

  • Over her academic career Sue has combined teaching at all levels, research, and feminist activism. She taught at Oxford Brookes Business School in the 1990s where she was also a member of the Equal Opportunities Action Group and led various research projects including a study of bullying and harassment in the university. In 2000 she moved to Ruskin College, Oxford where she ran the MA Women’s Studies, set up and ran the MA International Labour and Trade Union Studies, organised union and international scholarship programmes, and gained associate status with the Global Labour University for which she also ran the alumni research group Gender and Trade Unions. She has organised a number of conferences, round tables and seminars in the field. She has stood for election to Oxford city and county councils and was a founder member and co-women’s officer of the Oxford and District Labour Party Women’s Group.

    Sue’s principal research focus has been gender and equality and democracy in organisations; mainly trade unions. In the 1980s she researched and wrote the women’s pages for the print trade union SOGAT, was a member of the union’s equality committee and ran women’s courses. In the 1990s she was the joint holder of a four year ESRC award, researching with SOGAT’s successor union, the GPMU, and with public service union UNISON. Other funded projects included work in the UK with the GFTU [Union Modernisation Fund], in Ukraine [Public Services International, PCS and UNISON funding] and Brazil and South Africa [Leverhulme funding].

    In 2016 Sue achieved her PhD by publication through re-analysing her published work in the field. From a feminist position and using a Gramscian framework of a ‘long revolution’ she concluded there was still a long way to go in achieving gender parity.

    Selected publications

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