• The Work-Life Balance Project is being carried out by a team of Brookes staff who bring different perspectives and expertise to it. If you want to find out more about this project or you wish to give us your views on work-life balance policies and practices you can contact one of the team members. They are:

    Work Life Balance group photo

    Left to right: Barbara Moran, Bob Langridge, Simonetta Manfredi, Krys Daniels, Liz Doherty

    Jock Coats has worked in Computer Services since 1996. He is also a Hall Warden and has been active in local politics which has given him a flavour of the work-life balance issues posed by such outside commitments. For most of his time at Brookes he has been a branch officer in the UNISON branch, most recently, until 2004, Equality Officer, and has been APT&C staff representative on the Academic Board.

    Krys Daniels is Deputy Academic Registrar (Admissions) at Oxford Brookes University. Her interest in the project is as follows: " As a manager with responsibility for a number of staff, I am interested in looking at ways staff can optimise the work they do for the university and have a better personal life. Working on the project is very interesting and I feel that I am making a positive contribution towards achieving a better work-life balance for all staff".

    Liz Doherty is Co-Director of the Centre for Diversity Policy Research and a Reader in the Business School. She has researched aspects of equal opportunities and work-life balance over the last decade as well as taking part in many practical projects to improve organisational practice in these areas. She is the Work-Life Balance Project Advisor. She says this about the Work-Life Balance project ‘The Project provides a wonderful opportunity to make sure that work-life balance becomes a reality for many more people at Brookes – at whatever stage they have reached in their lives. My daughter is now grown up and childcare is no longer an issue for me, but I may want a career break at some stage in the next few years or I may need some help coping as my parents get older’.

    Michelle Holliday has worked at Brookes for 3 years. Originally the University Market Research Officer she became involved in the Work-Life Balance project at the beginning of 2003. Her initial interest in work-life balance has since developed further to encompass equal opportunities and diversity and she is currently working as Equal Opportunities and Diversity Co-ordinator for the university 4 days per week whilst continuing as Market Research officer 1 day per week. Michelle says: ‘Managing the requirements of two jobs and two children means that I am constantly reminded of the importance of work-life balance’.

    Bob Langridge is a Senior Lecturer in economics, planning, business and estate management and a researcher in transport related issues. Bob is also the secretary of the Headington branch of NATFHE and the academic staff representative on the Board of Governors. He is taking part in this project because: ‘In the past, I had to balance my work at Brookes with being a carer (yes, there are male ones too!) and being a county councillor. I believe that all staff should be able to balance work with a healthy and fulfilling life outside of work and I am particularly concerned about the impact of semesterisation on the home life of academic staff’.

    Simonetta Manfredi is Co-Director of the Centre for Diversity Policy Research and she is the Work-Life Balance Project Manager. She describes her interest in the project as follows “ As an employee of Brookes and a single mother I have a self-vested interest in contributing towards the improvement of work-life balance policies and practices within the University. As a researcher who has studied work-life balance issues in the workplace I am interested in understanding how sustainable change can be achieved within organisations”.

    Barbara Moran is Research Support Officer at the Centre for Diversity Policy Research at Oxford Brookes University. She has worked in various areas of the University over the last 8 years, and is an active member of the Administrators’ Forum, where she will be able to give and get feedback on project developments. Barbara says “I look forward to being able to make a contribution to the project where the outcomes could improve the work/life balance of a large number of people, whilst contributing towards staff retention and an improved working environment at the University”.