• An overview of university policies that support work-life balance

    The university is committed to helping all its employees to strike a balance between paid employment and their personal life. To achieve this it offers a range of special leave arrangements and flexible working options which are available to all employees, subject to operational requirements.

    This page tells you about your statutory rights and about the additional measures offered by the university to support work-life balance. More information on most of these policies can be found in the Employment Handbook (direct links to relevant sections are below), or contact your link HR manager (link to intranet).

    New work-life balance policies

    Please note that these policies do not yet all have their supporting forms. If you have any queries, please contact your link HR team(link to intranet).

    Additional support for families and carers

    To find out more about special leave arrangements and flexible working options, see the Employment Handbook, or you can contact your school or directorate link HR manager or your Trade Union representative: