• Royal College of Nursing - Gender and pay (AL Humbert, K Clayton-Hathway, S Schutz, T Walsh, S Manfredi)

    This project – funded by the Royal College of Nursing – examines issues at the nexus of gender, pay and nursing to better understand barriers to a meaningful and sustainable profession in a changing context. Issues of interest include: What is the current pay bargaining system? What are the pay structures? What is it about pay structures, for example, that disincentivises nurses to remain within NHS work and leads them to seek agency work?

    What employment policies could be devised to encourage women to remain, rather than creating a two-tier system where NHS institutions may have to pay premium prices for agency nurses? What are the implications of these trends for the nursing profession? How can it be ensured that the nursing profession is valued and paid accordingly? How can the trends of intensification of work and ensuing psycho-social risks be reversed? Furthermore, the project might be expanded to develop an understanding of RCN’s vision and goals in order to direct the development of the campaign framework, with issues for consideration including: What are RCN’s strategy and goals? Who are the key allies in addition to core constituents? What is the key opposition? What ideological underpinnings might direct future policies and activities, for example, the levels of ‘unionateness’ which will inform preferred tactics?

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