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  • A number of our conference speakers are members of Forum UK. Founded in 1989, Forum UK is a group of 200 top women in the UK’s private, non-profit and public sectors. It recognizes and honours outstanding women leaders of diverse achievements. Its membership is by invitation only and provides a unique network to share knowledge and ideas, to enrich one another’s lives and to exert influence to promote women’s leadership.

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    Forum UK is an affiliate of the International Women’s Forum, a worldwide network founded in 1982, of over 4,500 women in 64 affiliated Forums spanning 5 continents and 23 countries. It honours women’s leadership across careers, cultures and continents. IWF also provides leadership training through its educational and charitable arm, The Leadership Foundation, to women who have been identified with the potential to be chief executive officers and principal leaders worldwide.

    Forum UK is keen to promote diversity in its own membership and in it’s Emerging Leaders programme and welcomes nominations of women from the widest possible range of backgrounds.

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