The Meeting

  • Manchester

    John Clare Workshops: Manchester Central Library

    Poet Clare Shaw ran a series of John Clare workshops in June and July 2019, which were hosted by Manchester Central Library and administered by Danny Middleton. 

    Manchester City Council

    Clare Shaw writes: ‘I’m a Bloodaxe poet, with three collections and a fourth on the way. Often addressing political and personal conflict, my poetry is fuelled by my faith in the transformative and redemptive power of language. I’m a passionate mental health activist, and I’ve written and spoken extensively about the role of language in mental health provision. Other projects include a national collaboration with the Royal Literary Fund and USDAW, the retail and distribution union, to bring creativity and writing skills into workplaces. John Clare’s work captures – with joy, brilliance and heartbreak – my own fascination with identity, class, the working life, psychological suffering and the natural world.’

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    Clare Shaw
  • Poems

    Dear John Clare - Recording of poems made in Manchester Central Library session July 2019 
    Mary Gavin - The Stream 
    Mary Gavin - Mary's Story 
    Mary Gavin - Heaven 
    Mary Gavin - A True Miracle 
    Mary Gavin - Bird 
    Len Evans - Poems and notes for JOHN CLARE 
    Claire Burnett - To John Clare 
    Claire Burnett - Sessile Oak Watersmeet flood 
    Claire Burnett - Love to the Carers 
    Kate Bevan - Words of Hope Project 2019 from John Clare workshop 
    Claire Burnett - Mouth Tongue 
    Claire Burnett - Praise to the Poets 
    Claire Burnett - John Clare I love to walk 
    Claire Burnett - Grief 
    Angi Holden - Poems Compilation 
    Christina Wilson - John Clare 
    Alan Spencer - Draft poems John Clare 
    Christina Wilson - John Clare 
    Pam Schwarz - Poem and notes John Clare 
    Mary Gavin - Two pints