Importance of offshore wind

  • Importance of offshore wind to Scotland and beyond

    With increasing recognition that renewable electricity generation is vital for decarbonising the global energy system and hence mitigating global climate change, offshore wind farms (OWF) are of growing significance in many countries in Europe and beyond.

    Aberdeen housing

    Coastal housing in Aberdeen

    Aberdeen - hot day by Iain Cameron, Flickr

    Hot day at Aberdeen Beach, photo attribution: Iain Cameron, Flickr

    The Scottish government has committed to a move to a low carbon economy and has set targets of at least 30% of overall energy demand to be from renewables by 2020, with 100% electricity demand equivalent being met from renewables by the same period (Scottish Government, 2011). Renewables are also seen as providing more localised economic benefits including:

    • up to 40,000 jobs and £30b investment to the Scottish economy;
    • strengthening future energy security through the harnessing of sustainable indigenous resources;
    • providing transformational opportunities for local ownership and benefits (ibid).

    The Scottish Government has identified the significant role that OWF will make in meeting these aims as “a further increase in consenting and deployment rates will be required, especially for offshore wind’ (Scottish Government, 2011). The European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC) (Aberdeen Offshore Windfarm) will contribute to these targets by improving technology and processes “with the key objectives of increasing reliability, efficiency and reducing cost” (Vattenfall, 2011). The EOWDC will also prove its generating capabilities by providing enough capacity to meet the demand of over 68,400 homes (ibid, p. 13).

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