• Deliverables

    This project website is a key way for us to share our findings in a way which is open and accessible. The following will be posted on the website over the course of the project:

    DanTysk helicopter

    DanTysk wind farm - Photo by Vattenfall

    Sandbank foundation

    Foundation installation of the off shore wind farm Sandbank - Photo by Vattenfall

    • Anonymised summaries of research meetings and empirical data sets;
    • A report of the literature review on methods of assessment of socio-economic impacts and recent academic literature on OWF and bibliography;
    • A data set and report of the findings of the analysis of the environmental statements review and associated documentation relating to recent practice in the assessment of socio-economic impacts of OWF more widely;
    • Summaries of annual reports updating the progress of the project;
    • A final report (and a separate standalone summary) on the project bringing together the findings of the literature review, identification of wider current practice based on the ES reviews, the evidence of what the socio-economic impacts of OWF are and methods to assess them, based on the intensive and detailed analysis of the EOWDC case study and the comparator case studies;
    • Conference presentations and other outputs

    All the deliverables published on the project website will also be deposited in the Oxford Brookes University Open Access Research Archive. This will ensure that the findings and reports will be accessible in an Open Access repository after the project has finished.

  • Contact us

    You can contact us by writing to or emailing Dr Bridget Durning via:

    School of the Built Environment
    Oxford Brookes University
    Headington Campus
    Oxford OX3 0BP

    tel: +44 (0)1865 482845