Personalised Travel Plans

In March 2019, The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy reported that around 33% of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the UK are directly associated with the Transport Sector.

Personal Travel Planning (PTP) is a well-established method that encourages people to make more sustainable travel choices. It seeks to overcome the habitual use of the car, enabling more journeys to be made on foot, bike, bus, train or in shared cars. This is a recognised approach in the Department for Transport’s Future of Mobility: Urban Strategy.

This ethos is ingrained into the overall strategy of the University to reduce carbon emissions and in turn reduce its environmental impact.

We are committed to improving your choice of transport options to staff and students travelling to and from the University, and between our campuses. Furthermore, it is the intention by offering this personalised service it will continue to raise awareness amongst staff and students of the environmental impact of transportation.

All we need from you is a few details regarding your typical daily commute. We will then be in touch to arrange a meeting. Please follow the Personal Travel Plan instructions