• A baseline set of Digital Capabilities

    We have a responsibility to our students to provide the digital experiences they expect and to support them in acquiring the Brookes attribute of Digital and Information Literacy.

  • Digital Scholarship »

    Digital scholarship incorporates practices that promote open academic practice, authentic learning opportunities, and appropriate ICT-driven research skills to support the development of staff and students’ digital scholarship.


    • Open Academic Practice
    • Authentic Learning Opportunities in Professional Contexts
    • Research Skills Awareness
  • Open Academic Practice

    • Do you subscribe to open learning principles and practices, for example supporting open access to research materials via online repositories and journals?
    • Are you willing and able to ensure that no technological barriers to information disadvantage or exclude any individuals or groups?

    Digital Scholarship Opportunities

    • Are you committed to supporting the development of students’ digital scholarship?
    • Are you aware of the steps necessary to respect the copyright of others when you use their resources? Do you use appropriate citation and references for all materials you use in informal and formal publications?
    • Have you familiarised yourself with the University’s Intellectual Property Rights and Responsibilities policies?

    Authentic Learning Opportunities

    • Do you use all available technologies to foster interdisciplinary perspectives?
    • Do you help provide students with the authentic experience of diverse professional roles so that they can build expertise that transcends one single field or domain?

    Research Skills Awareness

    • Does your faculty encourage you to participate in research communities and professional networks?
    • Do you make use of all available opportunities to disseminate your research?
    • Does your research involve the collection and analysis of large-scale qualitative or quantitative data? If so, do you take advantage of the technological resources available to support your research?
  • How can you get involved?

    Faculty and Staff:

    Which digital capabilities do you think are most important in your role? Rank them using the Brookes Digital Capabilities app.

    Would you like to contribute to our university-wide survey of our academic staff’s digital capabilities? Click here to use our diagnostic tool.

    Are you looking to enhance your CV?
    Are you interested in developing your own digital skills and those of others while working in partnership with staff?
    Would you like to have your contribution to this recognised by Brookes ID?
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