• A baseline set of Digital Capabilities

    We have a responsibility to our students to provide the digital experiences they expect and to support them in acquiring the Brookes attribute of Digital and Information Literacy.

  • Interpersonal »

    Digital capabilities that develop interpersonal communication skills focus on appropriate use of ICT to project and maintain effective and secure online identities to facilitate communication and collaboration within global and University-wide partnerships.


    • Online Identity and Security
    • Online Collaboration and Communication
    • Global Digital Citizenship
    • Peer and Student Partnership
  • Online Identity and Security

    • Can you maintain and project your academic and professional profile through appropriate technologies and platforms?
    • Are you confident that you can keep distinct or merge your personal and professional online identities as you prefer?
    • Are you able to confidently avoid breaches of information security?

    Online Collaboration and Communication Technologies

    • Are you and your students able to work, study, and do research together regardless of time and location?
    • Are you confident in using tools/platforms to communicate essential information to the people who need it?
    • Are you able to evaluate the ability of different technologies to enhance teamwork and collaboration?
    • Can you confidently use technology to communicate with colleagues, peers, and wider audiences via email, Google groups, calendars, and social media?
    • Are you confident that you and your students use communication technologies in a socially acceptable manner?)

    Global Digital Citizenship

    • Do you think technology helps you to be a responsible member of the Brookes and wider global communities?
    • Are you careful not to exclude, disadvantage, or discriminate against others by being sensitive to different cultural norms and attitudes?

    Peer and Student Partnership

    • Are you able to use technology to collect and act upon students' views and feedback?
    • Do you and your students share knowledge of digital skills for mutual educational benefit?
  • How can you get involved?

    Faculty and Staff:

    Which digital capabilities do you think are most important in your role? Rank them using the Brookes Digital Capabilities app.

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