• A baseline set of Digital Capabilities

    We have a responsibility to our students to provide the digital experiences they expect and to support them in acquiring the Brookes attribute of Digital and Information Literacy.

  • Physical Space »

    Digital capabilities relating to physical space encourage location-independent working through the blending of digital and physical learning environments. Good practice includes teaching event capture and confident incorporation of classroom AV and mobile user devices.


    • Mobile Working
    • Affordances of Learning and Working Spaces
    • Responsible/Sustainable Computing
  • Mobile Working

    • Do you ensure that your content and materials are accessible on a wide range of devices, including on smartphones and tablets?
    • Do you subscribe to the Brookes BYOD (bring your own device) policy?
    • Do you strive to be be able to work and carry out professional transactions no matter where you are located?

    Features of Learning and Working Spaces

    • Do you take full advantage of the technologies available in teaching and meeting spaces (such as projectors, touchscreens, whiteboards, document cameras, audio/video connections, lecture capture systems, etc)?
    • Do you try to blend physical and digital learning environments together cohesively for example by using classroom interactivity like video conferencing, polls, and live document editing?

    ‘Green’ Computing

    • Have you considered the wider impact of your use of technology?
    • Do you use technology to reduce your impact on the environment (such as using sustainable resources and avoiding excessive printing)?
  • How can you get involved?

    Faculty and Staff:

    Which digital capabilities do you think are most important in your role? Rank them using the Brookes Digital Capabilities app.

    Would you like to contribute to our university-wide survey of our academic staff’s digital capabilities? Click here to use our diagnostic tool.

    Are you looking to enhance your CV?
    Are you interested in developing your own digital skills and those of others while working in partnership with staff?
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