• A baseline set of Digital Capabilities

    We have a responsibility to our students to provide the digital experiences they expect and to support them in acquiring the Brookes attribute of Digital and Information Literacy.

  • Reflective »

    An autonomous learner/practitioner develops life-long learning skills as an integral part of PDR and CPD, and engages effectively with feedback and feed-foward with Moodle Learning Analytics and Turnitin Feedback Studio.


    • Learning Analytics
    • Online Assessment and Feedback
    • Reflective Practice
    • CPD (Lifelong Learning)
  • Learning Analytics

    • Are you able to use appropriate technologies to monitor student engagement and progress, for example through Moodle Learning Analytics?
    • Are you confident when using technology to gather data to inform your decisions?

    Online Assessment and Feedback

    • Are you confident that you can effectively use core systems for electronic submission and marking, such as Turnitin Feedback Studio?
    • Do you use multi-modal technologies to encourage reflective learning and engagement with feedback?
    • Can you confidently use the Student Record System and Learning Management System to communicate grades to students?

    Reflective Practice

    • Do you often reflect on your digital capabilities in PDR?
    • Do you set yourself digital capability goals and review your success regularly?

    CPD and Lifelong Learning

    • Are you willing to extend the core digital competences for your role?
    • Are you willing to develop your digital capabilities to advance your career?
    • Are you aware of the digital competence profiles of the professional bodies relevant to your own role?
  • How can you get involved?

    Faculty and Staff:

    Which digital capabilities do you think are most important in your role? Rank them using the Brookes Digital Capabilities app.

    Would you like to contribute to our university-wide survey of our academic staff’s digital capabilities? Click here to use our diagnostic tool.

    Are you looking to enhance your CV?
    Are you interested in developing your own digital skills and those of others while working in partnership with staff?
    Would you like to have your contribution to this recognised by Brookes ID?
    Click Here to learn more about becoming an InStePP Pioneer.

    Contact the Digital Services team for more details.