• A baseline set of Digital Capabilities

    We have a responsibility to our students to provide the digital experiences they expect and to support them in acquiring the Brookes attribute of Digital and Information Literacy.

  • Virtual Space »

    Digital capabilities relating to virtual space help to: optimise staff use of the VLE and other University core systems; promote an inclusive, obstacle-free digital experience; and encourage student engagement, collaboration, administrative efficiency, and transferrable digital skills.


    • Optimal Use VLE
    • Administrative Efficiency
    • Familiarity with University Core Systems
    • Transferable Digital Skills
  • Optimal Use of the VLE

    • Do you have the confidence to explore unfamiliar features of the VLE?
    • Do you know which formats and structures work best for your courses?
    • Can you communicate to students and colleagues how your use of technology benefits learning?

    Administrative Efficiency

    • Can you confidently create, update, process, organise, and share information?
    • Are you confident in using tools/platforms to communicate essential information to the people who need it?
    • Can you locate, retrieve, and assess the accuracy of information and determine whether or not it is up-to-date?
    • Are you confident in managing your time, office hours, availability, projects and workplans, finances and budgets, within deadlines, and in a cost-effective manner?

    Familiarity with University Core Systems

    • Are you a confident user of the systems supported by the University for learning and teaching, professional development, student and course management, business productivity that you need to carry out your role?
    • Do you know which teams provide training and resources to support your use of these systems?

    Transferable Digital Capabilities

    • Are you able to transfer the skills you learn from one technology platform to another?
    • Can you confidently shape different technology platforms to the way you teach?
  • How can you get involved?

    Faculty and Staff:

    Which digital capabilities do you think are most important in your role? Rank them using the Brookes Digital Capabilities app.

    Would you like to contribute to our university-wide survey of our academic staff’s digital capabilities? Click here to use our diagnostic tool.

    Are you looking to enhance your CV?
    Are you interested in developing your own digital skills and those of others while working in partnership with staff?
    Would you like to have your contribution to this recognised by Brookes ID?
    Click Here to learn more about becoming an InStePP Pioneer.

    Contact the Digital Services team for more details.