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  • Introducing Feedback Studio

    From August 1, 2017, Oxford Brookes staff and students have access to a new interface when marking online and accessing their feedback respectively. After that date, the classic version of Turnitin will be retired. This guide will walk you through what Feedback Studio offers and what has changed.

    What is Feedback Studio

    Feedback Studio is our new online marking and feedback tool. When you click on the blue pencil for an assignment in a Turnitin submission inbox, you have access to the originality report for that submission, as well as GradeMark, which presents a view of the student paper and allows you to add comments and highlights on the student work or mark using a rubric. Feedback Studio by Turnitin replaces that Originality Report and GradeMark interface and presents them both in one single view.

    What it Offers

    Feedback Studio allows Module Leaders to add text-based, voice comments and marks to assignments submitted to Turnitin and also view the originality report for each submission, while students can access their grade and feedback (after the post-date has passed), as well as download their marked submission in PDF format.

    One screen

    View the originality report and add your feedback in one single screen.

    Originality reports

    Reveal content matches against Turnitin's database in student writing.

    Feedback focused

    Give meaningful feedback to students with voice and text comments on specific phrases or entire assignments.


    Save time with custom or pre-defined drag-and-drop sets of customizable comments. Share reusable comment libraries across Oxford Brookes.

    Assessment with rubrics

    Grade consistently with standards-aligned rubrics and show students how specific parts of their work affect their grade.

    Student engagement

    Students see source matches and instructor feedback directly on their work, or in a conveniently formatted downloadable report.

    Accessing Feedback Studio

    From within a Moodle module, click on the link to the Turnitin assignment to access the Submission inbox tab. Navigate to the relevant student in the list and click on the pencil icon to the right of their name. The Feedback Studio document viewer will open in a new window.

    What has Changed

    Key changes

    • Visual overhaul. An improved user experience from a new and modern look and feel of the interface.
    • Available on mobile devices. A responsive view allows you to mark and view feedback across a wide range of tablets and smartphones.
    • Focus on accessibility. Complies to web accessibility standards with improved access for keyboard-only and screen-reader users.

    Feedback Studio brings changes to the following areas:

    • Layers in the document viewer. The document viewer allows you to view the originality report and mark papers in one single screen. You can also hide one or the other according to your requirements. Previously you had to switch between seeing the originality report or the GradeMark view.
    • The originality percentage is not shown at the top of the screen, only within the toolbar to the right of the assignment, from where you can also access quickmarks, comments. In classic Turnitin, these icons were at the bottom right.
    • Comments. You can now use bold, italics and web links within comments and overall comments. Comments no longer have a save icon, but are saved when you click away from the comment box.

    An interactive demo

    You can familiarise yourselves with Feedback Studio by using Turnitin's interactive demo .


    Digital Services will be offering introductory sessions on Feedback Studio from academic year 2017-2018.

  • Support

    Digital Services

    JHB 112

    If you need help with Feedback Studio, please contact digitalservices@brookes.ac.uk or come and see us in a surgery session.