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ASKe produces an ongoing series of '1,2,3' leaflets which highlight some practical ways in which teaching staff can improve their students' learning. Each leaflet focuses on a piece of assessment-related research and clearly states how that research can be applied to teaching practice in three easy steps.

To support the student feedback and academic adviser initiatives, ASKe has also produced two 1,2,3 leaflets with advice for students on getting the most from their feedback, and doing better on their assignments. The leaflets give clear, practical advice, and encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning. Each 1,2,3 leaflet outlines 'three steps' to success, and includes practical suggestions and advice on available resources. Students engage with these topics particularly well if the leaflets are introduced and discussed during classes, or in academic adviser meetings. The PDFs are available below and can easily be printed in black and white as well as colour.

If you would like to order hard copies, please contact us by email or telephone (aske@brookes.ac.uk 01865 485673). Subject to availability, we offer the first 10 copies of any leaflet free; thereafter we charge 10p per leaflet and there is no VAT. Please note that we are only able to accept payment by cheque (payable to 'Oxford Brookes University').

Face-to-Face Feedback F2F Feedback

Face-to-face feedback can be formal or informal, received from tutors or peers and take place within class or outside class. This helpful leaflet focuses on formal feedback from tutors and aims to simplify its complexities.

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FOR OBU STUDENTS Assessment: Your entitlements and obligations - the Compact digestedAssessment Compact

Assessment is more complex than most people think. This leaflet is designed to help students understand their entitlements under the Oxford Brookes Assessment Compact and the part they need to play to ensure they get the most from assessment.

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Getting the most from Groupwork Assessment
Groupwork Assessment

The aim of this leaflet is not to prescribe one best method for the assessment of groupwork. Instead it attempts to set out the complex set of factors that need to be considered in designing and implementing groupwork assessment.

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Assessment - doing better!Assessment Doing better

How can students be encouraged to do better on their assignments? This leaflet gives three easy steps to help students tackle an assignment as well as useful tips on ‘Doing better; what you need to know’, including explanations of assessment requirements, assessment criteria and assessment standards. A really helpful guide for students.

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Feedback - Make it work for you!Student Feedback_Make it work

How can students be helped to use their feedback? This leaflet explains what feedback is, why it is valuable, and sets out 3 easy steps for getting the very best out of feedback. A must for students to read!
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Download BrochureImprove your students' performance in 90 minutes!

Do you feel that your students are underperforming due to their poor understanding of your assessment standards? Are you concerned that they don't really understand your assessment criteria? Have you ever experienced blank looks when students read your feedback comments on their work? If so, try our pre-assessment intervention!

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Download BrochureReduce the risk of Plagiarism in just 30 mins!

Do you want to avoid spending hours searching for plagiarism in your students' work? Do you want to design out easy opportunities for copying and 'faking' learning? Do you want to encourage your students' activity as a way of encouraging their learning? If so, try our three-step exercise!
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Download BrochureHow to make your feedback work in three easy steps!

Would you like to help your students gauge how well they are doing? Are you concerned that your students fail to understand the feedback that you give them? Would you like to actively engage your students in the assessment process? If so, why don’t you try this three-step exercise?
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Download BrochureUsing generic feedback effectively

Would you like to help your students gauge how well they are doing? Would you like to encourage them to become independent learners? Have you ever considered how generic feedback might improve individual performance? If so, why don’t you try this three-step exercise? [We apologise that this leaflet is out of print and will no longer be available in hard format.]
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Download BrochureAdopting a social constructivist approach to assessment in three easy steps!

Do you believe there’s more to assessment than passive transmission of standards? Would you like to actively engage your students in the assessment process? Would you like to help your students improve their learning for themselves? If so, why don’t you try a social constructivist approach to assessment? It doesn’t take up much time, and it works…
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Download BrochureUsing Turnitin to provide powerful formative feedback

Do you want to reduce the risk of inadvertent plagiarism in your studentsí work? Would you like to educate your students, before assessment, about the meaning of plagiarism and how to avoid it? Can you see the value of using the latest tools and techniques to provide feedback for your students? If so, why donít you try this three-step exercise? It doesnít take up much time, and it works...
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Download BrochureCultivating Community: why it’s worth doing and three was of getting there
Why should we cultivate community? Evidence from the literature and practice shows that student involvement and a strong sense of community are highly significant factors in students’ academic success.
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Making peer feedback work in three easy steps!
Download BrochureWhy should you encourage peer feedback? Would you like to enhance your students’ active engagement with their studies? Would you like to increase the amount of feedback your students receive? Would you like to increase your students’ disciplinary understanding? If so why not try our three easy steps to making peer feedback work…
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