Marking work

  • Students who are registered with the Dyslexia/SpLD Service are entitled to use a blue marking card.

    If a blue marking card is submitted with a student's piece of work, the marker should follow the  Guidelines for Marking Work of Students with Dyslexia or Specific Learning Difficulties (PDF). The following approach should be taken:

    • the student is marked on their ability to demonstrate an understanding of the subject using an appropriate academic style
    • the student is not penalised for poor spelling, poor grammar or awkward sentence structure where the meaning of their work is clear and there is no interference in the reader’s ability to understand what is written
    • where spelling, grammar and punctuation are part of the learning outcomes, the number of marks that can be lost for these is stipulated and a small sample of the student’s text is selected and commented upon.  This is especially helpful where technical or specialist language is deemed important to the subject
    • feedback is given in a straightforward and accessible manner, with positive and constructive comments exemplified to facilitate understanding and improvement.

    For modules where academic standards would be compromised by applying dyslexia/SpLD marking concessions, exemption may be requested (Word doc.).