Creative Industries Festival: Serious games: Joyful resistance through art and creative technology

Artists, researchers and the industry team up to reveal the potential of Extended Reality (XR) and creative technology for social innovation, change and accessibility.

Chaired by Dr Eleni Elia of the Artificial Intelligence and Data Network, this session explores the potential of Extended Reality(XR) and creative technology for social innovation and change. In conversation, Mariza Dima discusses her work on storyliving in XR focusing on decolonisation in the context of cultural heritage, digital platforms for artistic political resistance and educational games for social justice. Eric White will trace the development of the augmented reality hololens installation UNBODY with the artist Jay Bernard, from its origins as an ‘escape room’ experience to the newest 2022 version, presenting a trans poetics to explore how words can haunt and re-create our physical selves. The discussion highlights the significance of collaborative research approaches between academic researchers, artists and industry as well as accessibility for marginalised groups to emerging technologies.

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