Study abroad and exchanges

A whole new world

What if you could experience studying in another country? Well you can! You can choose to study abroad on most courses at Oxford Brookes, in locations in Europe, America, Australia and Japan, to name but a few. You’ll make friends and learn about new cultures, while expanding your horizons and building a different outlook for your future.

Why study abroad? 

  • Experience university life in a different country
  • Immerse yourself in another culture for one or two semesters
  • Improve your employability and enhance your CV
  • Gain new perspectives on the subject you’re studying
  • Grow in confidence so you stand out from the crowd.

“Firstly you get the amazing experience of living and studying abroad – and all that contact with different cultures. Secondly you get confidence – because you know you can tackle the world by yourself.”

Federica Burani, International Hospitality and Tourism Management graduate, spent a semester at Hong Kong Polytechnic University