Going from Brookes

Have you considered studying abroad as part of your Oxford Brookes degree?

Priceless memories, lifelong friendships, a whole new perspective - students who opt to study abroad during their time at Brookes have all this and more. It’s a wonderful opportunity to explore a new country and develop yourself as a person - discovering new cultures and also revealing new heights in your potential. You’ll really stand out from the crowd!

Experience the beaches of Australia, the mountains in Canada, Japan’s cherry blossoms or the city skyline of Hong Kong, all while completing your Oxford Brookes degree. We also offer other international opportunities, such as summer schools.

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What are the options?

“I went to America, North Carolina and I went to a university called High Point University. We left [the UK] in early January and the course ended in May but we stayed in the States and we managed to travel around a bit while we were there which was so much fun. The university was great, very easy, it was immediately obvious that it was all worth it”

Alice Langard, BSc (Hons) Psychology student who completed an exchange at High Point University, USA