Do I need to apply for a visa?

European exchanges

As part of your planning, you should consider the impact of Brexit on the immigration rules for entry to your host country. Information about this may be provided by host universities, or work placements. Information can also be found on the relevant embassy websites.

If you are an EU student you will not need to apply for a visa to go on a European exchange.

International exchanges

You will also normally receive information on the visa process with the acceptance letter from the host institution.

As part of the visa application you might need to:

  • Demonstrate your English language level if you are a non-native speaker of English. We recommend discussing this with the Exchanges Office at your host university immediately after nomination to ensure that you have time to take a test if needed. Sometimes the test you took in order to study at Oxford Brookes might be sufficient, or if you went to school in a native-speaking country prior to your university studies. Should you need to retake a language test, you are responsible for the costs.
  • Complete medical records at your GP. If you have spent most of your life outside of the UK you may need to get some medical documents from your home country. If these are issued in another language you will need to have them officially translated into English.
  • Complete criminal checks by the police and get the documents officially stamped by The Foreign and Commonwealth Office or another authority. The procedures will vary depending on your host country and your nationality. You are responsible for any costs.

There will be more information about the visa procedures, time frames and costs on the relevant embassy's website. To ensure you allow enough time for this process you should check the details as soon as you have been nominated by Oxford Brookes Exchanges Office. You will also be able to include the costs in your budgeting.