Research news

Research news

27 March 2024

Is chocolate good for you? An expert explains…

As Easter approaches and chocolate eggs flood the shelves of supermarkets, Dr Shelly Coe, from the Oxford Centre for Nutrition and Health at Oxford Brookes University, asks if chocolate offers any health benefits?

Person holding chocolate eggs in a basket

14 March 2024

Shade-grown coffee demonstrates the benefits of combining agriculture and conservation

Increasing shade cover over coffee plants can increase biodiversity and provide new ways to combine agriculture and conservation, a new study has revealed.

A coffee farm in Java

12 March 2024

Scientists find hundreds of unique species in Africa’s newest and most threatened ecoregion

After two decades of biological surveys and over 30 scientific expeditions, groundbreaking research in southern Africa has unearthed a wealth of previously undocumented biodiversity in a newly recognised ecoregion.

The heart of the Mabu Forest

08 March 2024

Reflective art workshop

The Children and Young People (CYP) network supported the Oxford Brookes 'Bazaar in the Community' by running an arts-based reflection/evaluation session on 12 July 2023 at the Rose Hill Junior Youth Club (RHJYC).

creative arts display

06 March 2024

Implications of AI development

EDIN - AIDAN workshop and potential collaborations.

futuristic ai robot

06 March 2024

Conservation value of field research stations is misunderstood, study reveals

Funding of field conservation research stations worldwide has been drastically reduced since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, an international study including researchers from Oxford Brookes University has found.

The Ampasy Research Station in the Tsitongambarika Protected Area, Southern Madagascar

23 February 2024

Sport risks losing fans and talented individuals unless it tackles colour blind issues, says expert

Dr Adam Bibbey, Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology, has been researching colour blindness in sport for five years.

A picture of people partaking in a sporting activity

22 February 2024

Compassionate support is needed in schools to alleviate teachers’ mental health

The emotional workload of teachers is greater than people realise, with some getting home after a school day emotionally exhausted, according to a senior lecturer in child development at Oxford Brookes University.

two people having a conversation at a table while drinking hot beverages

19 February 2024

Multi-pronged approach needed to raise awareness of the link between breast cancer and alcohol

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to raising awareness of the link between alcohol and breast cancer and helping people cut down or give up drinking, a study at Oxford Brookes University has found.

Two women chatting and drinking coffee

05 February 2024

Patients concerned about developing dependence or withdrawal symptoms from some prescribed drugs

General practice patients say that they are not sufficiently warned about the possibility of developing dependence or withdrawal symptoms from some prescribed drugs, according to a recent study.

Image of white pills. Credited to James Yarema on Unsplash