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Members of the Sustainable & Resilient Futures Network share a common aspiration: to address pressing global challenges through research and innovation that contribute to sustainable and resilient societies and environments. 

Sustainability, in all its forms, is fundamental for societies to thrive. Concerns regarding humanity’s increasing destabilisation of the Earth and its resources, and of growing societal inequalities at local and global scales, remain central in current debates. 

Climate change, socio-economic inequality, rights to resources and their distribution between human and non-human species, are major global issues that lie at the heart of the Sustainable & Resilient Futures agenda, aligning with and addressing the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Most specifically, the COP26 conference in Glasgow fostered intra and international commitments to achieving net zero emissions targets and protecting communities and habitats from the worst effects of climate change. These are key areas of research among Network members. 

More broadly, the Network draws on expertise from across the University that seek to contribute to a more sustainable and resilient world.

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15 September 2022

Work together, create impact

All colleagues are invited to register their interest in a one-day networking event to explore how we can work together to make a greater impact on society.


1 November 2021

Professor Rajat Gupta contributes to COP26 panel discussions

Professor Rajat Gupta has been involved in two panel discussions at COP26, considering the key issues for ensuring proper integration of climate adaptation in buildings and how communities can work together to play a more active role in the future energy system.

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Could you contribute to reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals? If you could, join Oxford Brookes staff addressing pressing global challenges and contributing to the Sustainable & Resilient Futures agenda. ECRs, professional staff, research students, academic staff- all welcome!

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