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Welcome to the Oxford Brookes Outreach Hub, bringing together the range of support that is available to prospective students, teachers, and parents. 

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As we navigate these uncertain times, it’s more important to Oxford Brookes than ever that we stay connected with teacher, advisers and students. With this in mind we hosted two live webinars on 19 May and 21 May 2020 designed to support teachers, advisers and students in their progression to university in 2020.

These webinars were recorded so anyone who couldn't join live would be able to watch via the links below. 

Note: All information in both webinars was correct at the time of recording.

Webinar 1: Teachers and advisers webinar

For: Teachers and careers advisers

This webinar was aimed at teachers and careers advisors and gave an opportunity for you to hear the very latest information on the current university application cycle, including how Oxford Brookes will be considering applicants’ grades, and what we know about the Clearing process. We also heard from senior colleagues from Oxford Spires Academy and Abingdon & Witney College on their experiences of calculating grades and supporting students during this time.

Panel Members:

  • Robert Hodgson, Head of Admissions Operations at Oxford Brookes
  • Helen Hall, UK Recruitment and Partnerships Director at Oxford Brookes
  • Jackie Watson, Vice Principal and Head of Sixth Form, Careers and Enrichment at Oxford Spires Academy
  • Jenny Craig, Vice Principal for Curriculum and Quality at Abingdon and Witney College

Webinar 2: Student admissions and preparing for university webinar

For: Students in Year 13 or final year of college

Our second webinar provided students with the most up to date information on what they can expect from the remainder of this year’s application cycle, including information on calculated grades and how Oxford Brookes will be considering these, as well as what we know about clearing. They will also heard from an Oxford Brookes student who has completed their final year. We hope this will support students in making their final decisions before the UCAS deadline as well as answering any questions that students might have about preparing for university.

Panel Members:

  • Robert Hodgson, Head of Admissions Operations at Oxford Brookes
  • Helen Hall, UK Recruitment & Partnerships Director at Oxford Brookes
  • Hellen Barton, Student Transitions and Engagement Manager at Oxford Brookes
  • Jackie Watson, Vice Principal and Head of Sixth Form, Careers and Enrichment, Oxford Spires Academy
  • Jenny Craig, Vice Principal for Curriculum and Quality form Abingdon and Witney College
  • Panni Ujvari, final year Sociology student at Oxford Brookes University

Understanding university

Want to know more about university? 

We've put together some guidance to help you think about how to choose your university, the difference between different degrees and what support you can receive whilst you are at university.

Mixed group of students having fun

Study skills

Our study skills service for students, the Centre for Academic Development, has lots of resources available that can help you enhance your skills.


Virtual Subject Taster Sessions

Do you want to explore your degree options at university? We've got some fantastic Virtual Subject Taster Sessions aimed at first year sixth form and college students, to give you an interactive experience of a broad range of different subjects. They are accessible on a smartphone as well as a laptop or tablet. You can have a go at filming a stop motion animation, explore dystopian themes in literature, and use a virtual lab to explore the human anatomy, to name a few - or you can try them all!

The subjects on offer are:

Click on the subject names above to see more information about the activities that are available for each taster session. Then, if you'd like to try any or all of these exciting resources, click ‘Apply Now’ and complete the short form to gain access to the platform. If there are any other subjects you'd be interested in trying, please email discover@brookes.ac.uk and we'll see if we can help you!

Virtual Subject Taster Sessions

Transition mentoring

To help you prepare for University life, we provide e-mentoring to students who have made Oxford Brookes their firm choice on UCAS and meet certain criteria. An e-mentor is a current Oxford Brookes student who can answer any questions you might have about what life is going to be like for you at Brookes. 

The Big Exploration

Made for curious minds in Year 5 and 6, The Big Exploration is a 6 week project exploring the research skills that are a really big part of studying at university. 

Along the way, participants will find out more about what it’s like to go to university and learn about some of the different subjects and topics you can learn about. 

There will also be the chance to do an original piece of research!


Passport Day

Over 6 weeks, Bitesize Passport Day will encourage you to think about your next steps after your GCSEs and your future education options. It is suitable for students currently in Year 9-11.


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