Teacher and Advisor Webinar Series 2021-22

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Webinar #1: Snakes and Ladders and Students: Helping Students Learn How to Play the Higher Education Game

Webinar #2: Diversity and inclusion: sharing insights across educational sectors

Webinar #3: Reflections of School Leadership in a Post pandemic

Webinar Series 2020-21:

The three Rs in 2021: Reflect, Recover, Refresh: Reimagining learning and teaching in a changing world

Webinar #1: Reflections on a Recovery Curriculum

A conversation with Barry Carpenter, Professor of Mental Health

How do children cope with loss? How can anxiety impact their ability to learn? And how can we reignite children’s motivation to learn, in a world that is dramatically changing?

Join experts from Oxford Brookes' MA Education programme to explore the Recovery Curriculum, a relationships-based approach to developing mental wellbeing in children. We'll examine how a curriculum can respond to children's emotional needs - and make sense of their experiences. And in a world where our students - and indeed ourselves - are coping with untold stress, we'll look at how we can prioritise emotional wellbeing across whole school communities.

With Jonathan Reid, MA Education SEND Strand Leader and Senior Lecturer in Child Development, SEND and Inclusion at Oxford Brookes University.

Barry Carpenter, Professor of Mental Health, Oxford Brookes University.

Webinar #2: Teaching art for student wellbeing | with Keith Brymer-Jones

How can children and teens manage anxiety in uncertain times? How can we proactively support student mental health? And how can we change the future of teaching, to put wellbeing front and centre?

Join Keith Brymer-Jones from the Great Pottery Throwdown to explore art as a means to combat stress and anxiety. In a world where students are encountering untold stress, we’ll look at the restorative effects of practising art - and the evidence base behind this.

We’ll also look at how you can easily integrate art into your teaching - and how this can immediately benefit your students’ wellbeing.

We’ll be joined by experts from the Oxford Brookes MA Education programme and students from Bexhill College.


Keith Brymer-Jones, World-renowned British potter and ceramic designer

Dr Rachel Payne, Principal Lecturer in Student Experience, Oxford Brookes University

Webinar #3: Schooling after the pandemic

What education system do we want?

After a year like no other, we’re asking ourselves:

1. How will school change post-pandemic, and what should teaching and learning look like?

2. How can we harness this moment to imagine an education system that is equitable, innovative, and that truly supports all children?

In this online discussion, we’ll explore a better new normal for education. We’ll explore issues like:

  • The future of virtual learning and digital technology in schools
  • ‘Lost learning’ and the challenges with this concept
  • The structure of schooling: school buildings, school days and year groups
  • The future of high-stakes assessments like GCSEs and A-Levels
  • Emotional and mental good health - supporting and nurturing wellbeing
  • Changing parent perspectives on learning

Join us to shape the debate on the future of learning - and how to build the education system we want.


Dr Patrick Alexander, Director of the Centre for Educational Consultancy and Development, Oxford Brookes University

Dr Rachel Payne, Principal Lecturer in Student Experience, Oxford Brookes University

Dr Roger Dalrymple, Associate Dean for Student Outcomes, Oxford Brookes University

This webinar ran on Thursday 24th June 2021.

 To get more information on this webinar, please contact schools.liaison@brookes.ac.uk

A student thinking about her schooling after the pandemic

Note: All information in both webinars was correct at the time of recording.