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Find out what it’s really like to be a university student and explore a subject that interests you!

About the Summer Schools

The Oxford Brookes Summer School will give you the opportunity to discover what being a university student is all about, and delve into a subject area of your choice. Don’t worry if you’re not sure whether university is for you - summer schools provide the perfect opportunity to help you decide.

The cost of the summer school is absolutely free with all travel, meals and accommodation provided, free of charge.

Why take part?

  • Experience student life and live in a student flat at the university.
  • Engage in lots of subject content designed by university academics.
  • Explore Oxford and take part in lots of social activities every day.
  • Get plenty of information, advice, and guidance about applying for university and your future career.
  • Hear all about university from current Brookes students.

If you have any questions about the Summer School, please get in touch with us at

Applications will open in January 2023.

What will I be doing at Summer School?

You’ll have the opportunity to take part in a range of sessions including subject tasters and work on an individual or group project. Where relevant you will also use university facilities such as labs and technical equipment.

You’ll also take part in social activities to help you get to know each other and experience student life, such as cooking together and teaming up for a quiz. There will be plenty of down time and the opportunity to take a trip into Oxford to experience the history city, relax in the parks, or do some shopping if you just want a bit of retail therapy!

Personal statement sessions will enable you to get a head start and individualised support and guidance around applying to university, and if you wish you can also get 1:1 support and feedback from our team on your draft statement.

There will also be online content covering university activities such as societies and clubs, and career planning activities! The benefit of having this content available virtually is that you can engage with it when you are ready and you can even refer back to everything throughout year 13 as you prepare for your next steps in education and work.

“Beforehand, I was extremely hesitant about if university was the right pathway to undertake after sixth form, but what I can say is that I come out of this programme feeling a sense of confidence. The work that I have been able to do, the social activities I have taken part of, the support from everyone has really allowed me to gain that bigger understanding of university.”

Summer School participant, 2020

Engineering, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Maths

Our Engineering, Computer Science, AI and Maths summer school will give you a wealth of new knowledge and hands-on practical experience. You will explore our Engineering and robotics lab spaces, experience our car simulator, work in our specialist computer science rooms, meet our robots and use some of the equipment our students use at degree level. Our maths sessions will also allow you to apply key maths knowledge to real life problems.

Built Environment and Architecture

Ever wanted to experience what it is like to work in the Built Environment industry or as an Architect? Look no further, our Built Environment and Architecture summer school give you the practical, hands-on experience of being an Architect, Town planner, Urban Designer, Construction manager and real estate manager. You will follow the Built Environment life cycle, applying new knowledge to real life case studies and visiting construction sites and recent developments within Oxford. Over the four days you will also work with some of our academics and industry experts which will give you a great networking opportunity.

Fine Art, Film and Digital Media Production

Our Fine Art and Film Summer School will give you the opportunity to work with like minded people in specialist Art and Film workshops. You will have the opportunity to explore a range of different specialisms, working to support your portfolio and build up your confidence in degree level work. 

Business, Marketing and Management

The Business, Marketing and Management Summer School covers all aspects of business, including management, marketing, events, finance and operations. You’ll step into the role of the events manager during the opportunity to plan and pitch your own event project, giving you a true taste of what it is like to study a Business degree at Oxford Brookes.

Humanities - Humanise the Future

This summer school will take an interdisciplinary approach, covering a range of humanities and social sciences subjects including, for example, Law, History, English, Geography and Languages. Explore the themes of identity, privilege and justice and discover why it's so important to us all that we humanise the future. Working in a range of disciplines you'll start to build the critical and creative thinking skills vital for future success whilst undertaking enquiring investigation into the world around us and our relationship to culture, society and power.

Lifelong Care - Nursing with Midwifery

In this Summer School, you'll be discovering lifelong care through the lens of both Nursing and Midwifery. Explore competence in meeting the physical and psychological needs of patients at key stages across their lifespan, with a focus on neonatal care, pediatric care and geriatric care.

Lifelong Care - Biomedical Science

The Biomedical Science Summer School will be structured to provide you with an overview of lifelong care specifically relating to diseases. You will learn what indicators are used to assess frailty. The knowledge you’ll acquire during the Summer School will provide you with an insight into what it is like to study Biomedical Science at Oxford Brookes.

Lifelong Care - Nutrition

Our Nutrition Summer School will allow you the opportunity to explore lifestyle nutrition and look at the effects of foods you cook and eat. You will examine the role food has in lifelong care and ultimately serves in leading a healthy lifestyle.

Information for Teachers

If you would like to schedule a virtual or in person assembly at your school, please contact the team at 

“Overall, the summer school has not only met but exceeded my expectations of Brookes.”

Summer School participant, 2020

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