Years 5–11


This year we have two opportunities for Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 students to engage with university.

Year 8 / Year 9 GCSE Decision Workshop

The GCSE decision workshop has been revamped for 2020/21, and is designed to coincide with students making their option choices for GCSEs, delivered at a convenient time to schools.

We can deliver the GCSE Workshop pre-recorded, live via a virtual platform or in-person following covid-secure measures.

Year 10 Study Conference

This year, the Year 10 Study Conference will be a mix of recorded subject sessions and live delivery, which will include a live and bespoke study skills session for your students provided by MADE training, and the opportunity for your students to ask questions to current university students at the end of the day. The activities are designed so that schools can either come off timetable for a whole day, or you can access the resources at your own speed across a two week window. 

The Big Exploration

Made for curious minds in Year 5 and 6, The Big Exploration is a 6 week project exploring the research skills that are a really big part of studying at university. 

Along the way, participants will find out more about what it’s like to go to university and learn about some of the different subjects and topics you can learn about. 

There will also be the chance to do an original piece of research!


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