Years 5–11


This year we have two opportunities for Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 students to engage with university.

Year 8 / Year 9 GCSE Decision Workshop

The GCSE decision workshop has been revamped for 2020/21, and is designed to coincide with students making their option choices for GCSEs, delivered at a convenient time to schools.

We can deliver the GCSE Workshop pre-recorded, live via a virtual platform or in-person following covid-secure measures.

Year 10 Study Conference 2.0

The study conference uses a project website to present interactive, online activities on a range of different topics (click below to see more). The aim is to dispel myths about going to university and encourage students to make the most of themselves, now and in the future.

Using Oxford Brookes as an example university, we give a range of impartial information and guidance. This allows students to begin to take ownership of their futures and plan for the choices ahead.

Students can complete these activities without teacher supervision using a laptop. The sessions can also run as whole class activities, if you choose to (lesson plans are provided if requested).

Students could dip in during tutor time, completing as enrichment, or even as a series of homework activities in their own time. Most activities are chunked up into 10-15 minute activities.

The Big Exploration

Made for curious minds in Year 5 and 6, The Big Exploration is a 6 week project exploring the research skills that are a really big part of studying at university. 

Along the way, participants will find out what it’s like to go to university and learn more about some of the different subjects and topics they can learn about. 

There will also be the chance to do an original piece of research!