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Today more people than ever before are on the move: within countries, over borders, across continents. In 2019 the UN estimated, globally, there were over 270 million migrants and those figures rise, year on year.

Dealing with the challenges and transformations caused by this shift pose major problems and some opportunities for governments at every level, from the broadly international to the intensely local.

Our Network engages directly with these issues. It embraces an enriching interdisciplinarity, with researchers and practitioners from social anthropology, refugee studies, sociology, political science, computer science, media studies, psychology, legal scholars, business studies, among other disciplines.

From whatever disciplines we come, whatever research partnerships we form, our work centres on the predicament and opportunities of migrants and refugees today, globally. Our research includes, for example, studies into refugee entrepreneurship and their integration into the labour market, migrants as political agents, housing for forced migrants, migrant children in education, and computing models for managing migrants’ data.

We will work together with both colleagues in other universities and research centres, both in Europe and beyond. Above all, we will seek to collaborate with institutions, government agents, and practitioners in charitable and public policy sectors, on projects of mutual interest.

Upcoming events

Domestic and Transnational Migration

28 February 2024 - 28 February 2024

This lecture will focus on migration within India and migration from India to the Gulf.

Statistical perspectives on refugee health: Exploring methodologies and challenges

13 March 2024 - 13 March 2024

This session is aiming to provide a broad exploration of statistical approaches to studying the health of refugee populations.

Brave New World: The Shifting treatment of Asylum Seekers under UK Law

10 April 2024 - 10 April 2024

In recent years, issues relating to immigration and asylum have rarely been far from the headlines in the UK.

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Think Human Festival event: From hostility to dignity

16 April 2024 - 16 April 2024

Challenging current developments under the UK’s immigration policy and the environment for migrants and refugees’ for the Oxford Brookes Think Human Festival on 16 April 2024.


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31 October 2023

The power of literature for peace and equality

In October 2023, the Migration and Refugee Network partnered with the Centre for Development and Emergency Practice (CENDEP) and the ShelterBox Book Club to co-organize an event titled "The Power of Literature for Peace and Equality."

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If partners outside of Oxford Brookes University are interested to work with the Migration and Refugees network, please contact us via the email mrncontact@brookes.ac.uk

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